Showing Respect

I don’t necessarily like ranting about things, but an article that I read concerning Keely Shaye Smith Brosnan really aggrevated me. This was the title of the article “23 Sexiest Celebrities With Ugly Significant Others” written 3/7/14 on I discovered it as a link at the bottom of another article I was reading. They proceeded to say that because she is heavy that makes her by default an ugly significant other. And why in the world when Pierce Brosnan can get any woman, would he settle for that. Oh yeah, and by the way he loves her anyway.

Are you kidding me! She doesn’t need me to defend her at all, but it is highly offensive to say that because she is overweight that somehow makes her ugly, and less of a person because of it. I get so tired of reading that overweight people have no place in the world. No one actually says those exact words, but the undertone is there. We talk about bullying and how wrong it is, yet we do it everyday, with a look or a smirk, or a joke. Magazines devote hundreds of pages to thin models, and one obligatory page to “plus size” women. Designers snub their nose at extended sizes, like those of us who are of that size don’t deserve to wear nice things.

“It’s just not healthy” always comes up as the reason why it is disturbing to see overweight people. Newsflash, health comes in all shapes and sizes. Skinny people have disorders, heavy people have disorders. Health issues are no respecter of a persons size. I understand that being overweight is a factor for some health issues, but that doesn’t mean we deserve less, or that makes us somehow subhuman.

Guess what, I am overweight, and constantly trying to ride the roller coaster of losing weight, gaining weight and losing weight. It is a never ending battle. Oh yeah, by the way, I also currently don’t take any prescribed medications, and haven’t called in sick to work in years. Of course, things can change, but stop lumping all overweight people together as being a drain on society. I can think of a lot of other things that are draining on society….but that is a whole other rant!

I don’t know about your opinion, but Keely is beautiful. Not to mention she is married to a former 007! Their love story is no one else’s business, even if he is a celebrity. So, I implore us all to somehow learn to show a little more respect to one another. I’m sure the world would be a much better place if we could do that.

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~ by callingallcurves on August 26, 2014.

2 Responses to “Showing Respect”

  1. Well said!!!!! Obviously he thinks she is beautiful and loves her. I think she is too!

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  2. I saw that article as well and that really bugged me out, I felt it was again a clear demonstration of how discriminatory with regards to size our society is …. I think she is beautiful as well but the message I am sure is well and truly shared and received …. not in a good way ….

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