Bare Minerals Eye Shadows

Have you used Bare Minerals before? I have one of the eyeshadow quad compacts. I do love all the colors, however, I discovered that I am allergic to their eyeshadow! I was shocked. My eyes looked like they had been burned with a curling iron…all red and then they peeled. I had to put a cortisone cream on my lids to get it to go away. Needless to say , I stopped using that eyeshadow and the problem cleared up. It was the only new product that I was using so it was easy to narrow down what the culprit was!

I must say I loved the colors and how nice it went on. As I recall, it was really long lasting as well. I really do wish that I was able to wear it. I probably won’t be trying the other products just in case. I wouldn’t want that reaction to happen all over my face! Even though it really didn’t work for me, I still think it is worth trying. If you can wear it, it really is a nice product. The palette below is the one I have. I purchased it at Sephora. If you have had a similar experience, I would love to hear it!


~ by callingallcurves on November 27, 2012.

One Response to “Bare Minerals Eye Shadows”

  1. Oh no:( This is such a gorgeous pallette too!

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