Why do Companies Change What You Already Love?

Have you ever wondered that?  I do all the time.  I find a pair of pants I love and then they change them. Why?  Did they really need to be changed?  Why not come out with a different pair and leave my favorite alone? I don’t like the cut of pants that sit on the hip.  They don’t fit me right.  I have a smaller waist than hip and with the lower rise they never fit right.  I need it at the natural waist.  There for a while it seemed they were making almost all pants in that style.  It got hard to find something that I liked and that fit properly.  I still struggle with that a little bit, but more and more companies seem to be making natural waist and the lower rise.  It is nice to have the choice.

My biggest complaint lately has been with Land’s End.  I love their Fine Gage Crew Neck Cardigan.  I have several of them in different colors.  They are comfortable and easy to wear to work.  Plus our Sears store has a Land’s End section so it is nice to try things on.  Another bonus is that they carry the Women’s sizes (as well as the petite).  Last year, they decided to change the fabric of the cardigan.  Bad idea as far as I am concerned.  They don’t fit the same at all for me.  Why did they need to do that?  It was perfectly fine before they messed with it.  It is now over sized in the shoulder area and smaller in the hip.  The “old” style I could button all the way down.  The new one, I can only button a few of them and it still looks bigger in the shoulders.  Please, bring back the old!  I am not alone in this opinion.  If you visit their site there are a lot of comments from people who feel the same way that I do.

Oh, I have still bought a couple, but not like I would have if they had left the cut alone. I’m also wearing the same sizes as last year, so it isn’t that I need a bigger size.  It is definitely about the cut of it.  So I beg Land’s End to please bring back some of the old cut.  Give people a choice between the new style and the old one.  I bet they would be surprised at the sales.  Even with my personal opinion, I still say you should try the sweater.  Maybe it will work for you.  It usually comes in really great colors.  Check it out!


~ by callingallcurves on September 27, 2012.

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