I am a Coach Girl!

I definitely love Coach.  I frequent the Coach Outlet in Birch Run a lot!  We are fortunate in Michigan to have several outlet stores both in our state and in neighboring states.  If you have never gone, you need to!  It’s to expensive you say?  Not like you might imagine.  Let’s put this in perspective.  I see a lot of people in stores carrying Vera Bradley.  Vera bags run anywhere from $45 on up to $100 for some of the totes.  If you are a fan of Jessica Simpson’s bags, they run $78 and up, depending on where you get them and if there is a sale. If you are a fan of the Big Buddah line, they run $65 – $100.  I’m not saying the bags I listed aren’t really nice bags, this is just for comparison sake.

The Coach Outlet usually offers you a 30% off coupon when you walk in the door.  That is 30% off the Outlet price, and the coupon works on any clearance prices they have.  I have walked out of the store with a bag for as little as $63.  Let’s say the Outlet price is $179 – with 30% off that comes down to $125.30.  If that same bag was on the clearance table, it would be 50% off the Outlet price, plus the 30% off coupon.  That brings it down to $62.65!.  You get my point don’t you.  You just bought a Coach bag, from the Coach Outlet for $62.65!  So, would you rather have the Coach bag, or the Vera Bradley for the same amount of money?  For me, there is no contest.  The first bag I ever bought from them was a hot pink full suede bag with a patent leather handle.  It was in their catalog for $328 – I got it at the Outlet for $75…yes, you read that right, $75.  It was $150 on the clearance table and then another 50% off.

So, I bet you’re wondering what that $62.65 gets you.  Some really small bag that barely holds your wallet? No, not really, but if that is what you want, they have small bags! In the photo below, the tote bag I got for $89…it was one of those clearance table bags.  The magenta bag was a gift to me, but was 30% off the outlet price.  The tote is fabric and patent leather, the magenta bag is all patent leather.

Not bad huh?  I have quite a collection, but I have been able to either pay cash for them, or have used gift cards.  Yes, the Outlet sells gift cards.  I have found that the season changes are a great time to get bags. So friends, save up some cash and go check them out.  I promise you will not be sorry you did it.  They last and last – my first bag (the hot pink one) is from 2005 I think and you would never know it to look at it!  Aside from a little dirt, it looks like I barely used it and I carried it for a whole season.  You will become a fan…I know you will!


~ by callingallcurves on September 20, 2012.

One Response to “I am a Coach Girl!”

  1. Two years ago I was in the States for Christmas and was lucky enough to buy a $500 Coach (all leather and buttery soft) handbag for $150 at an outlet store! It’s one of my favourite bags and was such a great buy. Next time I’m in the US I’ll be buying more. 🙂

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