Have you shopped at Chico’s?

Chico’s you’re saying?  Can a curvy girl actually shop at Chico’s?  Sure you can….I do quite a bit.  There is a Chico’s Outlet in Birch Run Michigan and I love to go there.  Their sizing is different though, it is 1, 2, 3 in the stores and goes up to 4.5 on the website for ordering clothes.  A size 2 is a 12/14, 3 for them is a 16/18, and size 4 on the online store is 20/22.  I can wear their cardigans (which I buy a lot of!), jackets, t-shirts, turtlenecks and in their Travelers line I can wear the pants as well.  They also have gorgeous jewelry which is usually more statement pieces – more of the chunky style.

The non-outlet stores have great sales which is when I usually buy, but they also provide great coupons and have an in-store card (not a credit card) called the Passport that gives you 5% off each time even on sale prices. They also put coupon deals on the cards so sometimes you will get an extra discount when they scan your card.   You can use the coupons at both the regular and outlet stores which is very nice. If you get the catalog, there are coupons in there too.

I have this jacket below (which is from their site, but I got it at the store) and is a really pretty purple, but it isn’t showing the color as good in the photo.  I love it!  I wear it with both jeans and dress pants.  They had a couple t-shirts that were the same color so I have those too.  The fabric is really soft  it is Polyester/Spandex blend- you will love it if you try it.

The Chico’s Outlet has great prices (the non-outlet is more expensive) and the clothing lasts and washes up really well.   So venture out and try them….I’m betting you will become a believer!

~ by callingallcurves on September 13, 2012.

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